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Bat maintenance
and environmental care

A Galician company sells an ecological product to protect the beams of mussels
without harming the marine environment

The control of algae is a constant battle within the maintenance of the bats. The marine flora grows in any humid environment and when decomposing it can become toxic to animals. In addition, the verdín that grows on the beams is slippery and constitutes a risk of injury or falls for the bateeiro.

The maintenance work of the bat is essential and must comply with regulations environmental that protect marine environments. In this sense, a Galician company has managed to manufacture an emulsion of bitumen particles in water obtaining an ecological product intended to the maintenance and protection of the girder beams, in addition to being the only one that meets the UNE 104-231-99 standard.

Conventional waterproofing paints are made with synthetic products Petrochemical industry derivatives. They contain heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as xylene, toluene, epoxides, phenol ketones and the formheldehyde, gases that are emitted by paints and varnishes while they are applied, when they dry and even weeks and months later. On the contrary, ecological paints and varnishes they resort to a soft, biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemistry, since they do not produce waste Harmful to the environment, neither in the manufacturing process nor during application and use.

The elaboration of the products is totally respectful with the environment, both in production as in the recycling of raw materials and packaging. Natural paints They contain no harmful substances and in no case give off toxic gases. They are endorsed with the European ecological label, which guarantees the absence of toxic substances.

Source: Faro de Vigo.

03 - Junio - 2016